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We can help you pair cocktails with our locally sourced ingredients to heighten your dining experience.

Your dining experience can reach new heights when you pair seafood with the perfect cocktail because the right combination can accentuate the flavors and balance your plate, whether you’re savoring juicy shrimp or delicate fish. But how do you know what makes the best match? The good news is that our team at Pisces Coastal Kitchen can help, pairing our locally sourced ingredients with cocktails that take your entire meal to the next level.

Cocktails in Chatham Massachusetts

For instance, there’s something ageless and classic about the simplicity of a traditional martini and fresh oysters. The crispness of a well-made martini wonderfully balances the saline, mineral-rich flavor of oysters. For an added flavor boost, you can try a dirty martini with a dash of oyster brine or a gin-based martini with a touch of lemon.

Additionally, with its blend of fresh lime, mint, and soda water, a traditional mojito offers a zesty and vibrant contrast to seafood like ceviche. If shrimp is more to your liking, we suggest focusing on cocktails like the Bloody Mary, as the rich tomato base, seasoned with spicy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and seasonings, is like the sauce typically served with shrimp in cocktail form.

Our team not only provides a dynamic menu filled with locally sourced ingredients, but we can also help you pair cocktails with our menu options to bring out the flavors of your cuisine and enjoy your dining experience even more. Our cocktails are amazing, and James (our bartender) crafts each one with particular flavor profiles in mind. We offer classic cocktails, creative riffs on classics, and original craft cocktails developed specifically for our clientele. We use classic barware and feature Nick and Nora-style coupes, and we also offer a variety of flights to sample our creations. We are rolling out a bucket of bubbles with guest choice of fresh juice for “mimosa” style drinks.

We also offer over 20 wines by the glass that are a fun and unique selection of old and new-world wines and many that combine both styles – not just your typical varietals. We are adding more draft choices this year and always offer local beers (New England and Cape Cod).

Stop by today to see what our daily menu includes and enjoy the best of what the Chatham, Massachusetts area offers.