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Our team is committed to showcasing the best our area has to offer on a plate.

About Pisces Coastal Kitchen in Chatham, MA

When you dine with us at Pisces Coastal Kitchen, you’ll enjoy an experience that goes beyond food. Our team is more than just a part of the community. We’re dedicated to ensuring our history, food, and stories live on in every plate we serve. That’s why we source local seafood and ingredients, working and creating long-lasting relationships with fishermen. It’s also why we focus on the details, ensuring the food and drink you enjoy while in our restaurant are the same whether you’re here for the first time or you’ve visited us so many times you’ve lost track. For us, the coast isn’t just our home—it’s a way of life that we can’t help but share in the meals we create each day.

Our chef and owner, Sue Connors, has over 40 years of experience not just in the industry, but also in our community, offering fresh menu options to full-time residents, summer residents, and those just passing through. She attended culinary school and gained valuable experience working in hotels and restaurants in the Boston area, many of which she still has a relationship with today. However, it was her upbringing around fresh produce and seafood that inspired her to create the recipes she shares today.

Now, as the business expands to share her vision even more, she’s excited to offer personal chef services and open her Chatham, Massachusetts commercial kitchen to local food trucks and other personal chefs. It’s her hope that the venture will allow her to continue to share her knowledge of local cuisine, so that the tales of the coast and the vibrant ingredients it offers will live on for years to come.