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Our seafood restaurant offers a welcoming environment with great food and coastal charm.

Seafood Restaurant in Chatham, MassachusettsAt Pisces Coastal Kitchen, we’re more than just a seafood restaurant in the Chatham, Massachusetts area. We’re a local chef-owned establishment focused on bringing you the freshest food possible, thanks to our daily seafood deliveries and our focus on providing our customers with something unique and vibrant every single day. With Chef Connors leading our team of dedicated and highly trained staff, dining at Pisces Coastal Kitchen is an experience you’ll likely remember for a long time.

First, when you enter our historical building, you’ll immediately be drawn in by the charm of our dining area. For us, the coast isn’t only our home; it’s a way of life that we put into every meal we offer and how we share our space with everyone who enters. Whether you’re a first-time visitor to our seafood restaurant or a local who’s eaten with us many times, it’s our goal to ensure you feel at home while dining with us. Second, while you’ll notice that our options have a local feel, you’ll also see that they’re a step above what you might find elsewhere. This is why dining in our seafood restaurant is more of an experience than simply another meal.

You can also enjoy several wine options, offered by bottle or glass, as well as cocktails crafted by our dedicated bartender. Additionally, our team can provide you with drink recommendations that pair perfectly with our seafood restaurant menu.

If you’re looking for locally sourced ingredients combined with coastal charm and a friendly, accommodating team, stop by our seafood restaurant for a meal today.