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We want you to enjoy the time you spend in our space, eating well, and making new memories.

Dining in our tapas restaurant is like stepping into a world of delicious food and conversation with others. There’s a bustle of chatter and clinking glasses, as well as a sense of community, and you engage in everything our menu has to offer while making new memories with families and friends. At Pisces Coastal Kitchen, these moments are the ones we love most, helping our guests enjoy an experience that goes far beyond the food on the plate.

In fact, it’s the communal aspect of dining at a tapas restaurant that is one of its distinguishing characteristics. Instead of placing separate orders for your meals, a tapas restaurant allows you to share multiple small plates, promoting companionship and dialogue. Not only that, but our tapas menu also includes something to satisfy every palate, ranging from inventive interpretations to classic favorites. Plus, our use of fresh and locally sourced ingredients means you’ll enjoy the best of what our area has to offer.

If you’re visiting the Chatham, Massachusetts area, our team wants you to enjoy the ambiance of our beloved space, learn about our community’s culture, and engage with local patrons and staff as you dine. You’ll find that we’re more than happy to stop and chat for a few minutes to answer any questions you have, as we want you to feel like you’re part of our family.

Whether you’re a regular or new to our tapas restaurant, we want you to enjoy the time you spend with us and come back as often as you can.